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Picture of WhiteGoose - Plum brandy

WhiteGoose - Plum brandy

For a long time, like all other brandies in our area, plum brandy was almost completely neglected in terms of quality, and in the minds of consumers of spirits was sometimes justifiably neglected. So we decided to completely change that and introduce you to the White Goose distillery plum brandy that breaks down all prejudices and takes you on a journey full of amazing scents and unique flavors.
Picture of WhiteGoose - Williams brandy  - 0.5 l

WhiteGoose - Williams brandy - 0.5 l

Clear and colorless, with a characteristic aroma, intense but harmonious taste and unsurpassed aroma of freshly picked fruit, long-lasting aroma that permeates the oral cavity, and yet so fresh and soft finish. It’s Williams White Goose distillery brandy. Crucial to the premium quality of this brandy is the uncompromising separation of fractions which resulted in obtaining a brandy with a strong aroma, so unique in the world of fruit brandies.